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Jul 28, 2011

30 Day Sailor Moon Challenge

Day 05 – Best canon couple

Usagi and Mamoru

Of course. I love them as a couple. So prefect *o* I don't even know what to say about them. They are destined to be together, and are perfect for each other. They have hard times, but what couple doesn't? And it makes them stronger. In fact, this pairing is one of my favorite things from the series. I'm not to big on action anime, but romance? *swooooon* The anime pairing isn't as good as the manga one (of course) but I like them as a couple in all forms of Sailor Moon.
I also really love UsaXMamo Doujinshi.... recently found some by Madoka (Naoko's Assistant on Sailor Moon manga) and I love them to bits. That's where this picture is from.

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