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May 17, 2011

Lense Reviews! Part 5 - GEO Bambi/Princess Mimi Almond

Brand: GEO Bambi/Princess Mimi Almond 
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : Yearly Disposable

  Ordered these just recently and just got them in. I love them - probably now one of my favorite lenses for day-to-day wear.


  The design is fantastic, with just an outer ring and a trickle of color going inwards just a bit. It lets me show off my own color while still getting the enlargement and doll effect. 


Fantastic. First time getting any larger than 14.0mm, and even if its only a tiny bit larger it makes a difference. Love it.   


There is hardly any color to these lenses other than the outer ring, and the star-burst of brown that branches in just a bit. Otherwise they are mostly clear in the centers. I personally like this because I can use my own natural color while still adding that doll-look. The brown also helps fade the black ring into my brown natural coloring. Those looking to change the color of their eyes - this isn't going to do it.


  Not sure yet, as I have only worn them for one night (about 4 hours) but they didn't cry in that period of time so they should be pretty decent. 

 Design: 5/5
 Enlargement: 5/5
 Color: 3.5/5
 Comfort: 4/5

I quite like these. I'm always looking for something casual thats not as vibrant or eye catching as purple or bright blue eyes - but still as that doll effect. I haven't tried just black ringed ones, but I think these would work better simply because they have that splash of brown that helps the transition between the ring and your own eye color. I love these, and will probably order the Grey in this series - even if they are a different style. 

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